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ARC2020 Seed Ball Action at Global Soil Week

2000m2blgpostARC2020 was invited to participate in the Action Forum, where participants had a chance to get their hands ‘dirty’ and really ‘dig’ into the issues through a variety of different activities. We set up a Seed Ball Action, bringing fresh soil and all kinds of different seeds and encouraging people roll up their sleeves and roll their own seed balls. These guerilla gardening balls can be used across cities to add colour and provide nourishment for bees, bumblebees, and butterflies. The seeds are well-protected within the balls until they are put somewhere suitable for them to sprout; they can be kept dry over the winter and thrown into action in the spring, or placed around the city now to will freeze and thaw when ready.  The Seed Ball Action at global soil week was also a great chance to get people thinking and talking about the soils from which their food grows and the significance of their degradation.

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